Once again Limassol is in the list of 100 cities around the world, offering the best quality of life for 2017.

According to previous reports, Limassol was in the same list in 2016, claiming the 88th position of the cities with the best quality of life. As stated in the survey conducted annually by the prestigious international firm Mercer Consulting Entrepreneur, Limassol ranks in 89th place in 2017 among 230 other cities worldwide.

For the eighth consecutive year, Vienna ranks first while Baghdad is still considered the worst city to live. Zurich, Auckland, Munich and Vancouver follow Vienna in the list of five most pleasant cities one can live.

Global centres of London, Tokyo, Paris and New York have failed to even climb to the top 30 cities, staying behind most major German, Scandinavian, Canadian, New Zealand and Australian cities.

For more information visit www.imercer.com

Andreas Chrysostomou

Limassol 2017