As with all countries, there are some predominant features characterizing people of Cyprus. Features and behaviors that clearly indicate their origin and the way they have been raised.

1. If not sunny, you get depressed.

Photo by Doros Theodorou

2. When going to the beach you always get well-prepared.

3. Just as prepared as when there is a special celebration. In Cyprus, we love food. After all, Cypriots don’t eat for living. They live for eating!

4. And if you are a guest, you have to eat more and more. Cyprus hospitality doesn’t allow for anything less.

5. Cypriots’ temperament and outgoing character, makes a normal conversation seem like a fight.

6. If you drive for more than 20 minutes, it means you are driving for too long. And of course the distance seems…too far!

7. Wherever the place you want to go, you have to park just outside the destination point.

8. You can’t let much time pass without speaking to mum and dad.

9. Because family is above everything.

10. And partying is a way of living!

We’d like to note that this is a sample list, since there are many more signs related to the attitude and behavior of people who were raised in Cyprus. Many thanks to everyone who contributed to the photographic aid used in the current article.